About Us

As a new awning manufacturer in France, Canopee Products, creators of Canopee retractable awnings, have embarked on our journey towards excellence in the world of deck and patio awnings. This journey has been made tribute to the trust and admiration we have garnered from our devoted customers all over France.


At Canopee, our mission is rooted in the implementation of innovation and the provision of superior quality awnings at the most economical prices. We are dedicated to serving our customers with the best possible service that complements the quality of our products.


Our substantial production volume allows us to efficiently procure high-quality components, the cost benefits of which we pass onto our customers. All our awnings are assembled right here in France and are delivered directly to you from our factory. This direct approach allows us to price our awnings competitively, all while ensuring that we do not compromise on their quality or features.


Canopee offers customers the flexibility to buy directly from us and install the products themselves or collaborate with one of our local, independent Canopee dealers who offer FREE in-home consultation and are proficient at installing our products. Don't hesitate to request your FREE Awning Info Kit, which includes the contact details of your local Canopee dealer.


As a new manufacturer in the French patio awning market, we prioritize nurturing long-term relationships with our customers. Our toll-free customer service line and our Owner's Corner are always ready to provide assistance. Whether you have questions about our products, need help with installation, spare parts, operation, or require information about our local dealers, we are just a call or an email away. Your complete satisfaction with your Canopee purchase, from product quality and performance to your overall interaction with us, is our highest priority.